Fight the power!



Yup, this is me. I'm currently chilling somewhere in Paris, France, making my living as a software developer, mainly in (full-stack) web development. I'm also doing various development for personal projects, as well as contributing for many ongoing projects.

I'm also an active contributor to the Clone Hero community, as the developer and maintainer of chorus and the Clone Hero website itself, as a chart reviewer, as a CH Discord staff member and as a member of Custom Songs Central and the Anti Hero team.

...fight the power?

In the quest of finding catchy domain names, I registered on a whim (and because it cost $0.99 for a year at the time), and ended up renewing and keeping it for posterity sake. If you needed any confirmation, this is indeed a callback to the lyrics of Libera me from Hell, from the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann OST.

Web development

I've been a full stack web developer since 2016, graduating in computer science from an engineering school (with, somehow, a specialization in embedded systems). I've worked my way up from self-learning AngularJS (1.x) to adopting React, while also gradually learning about ECMAScript 2015+ and using Node.js for server-side. I won't claim to be a master in the art of development, but I'd like to think I'm at least quite experienced with web development in general.

Clone Hero community

As the developer and maintainer of chorus, I also arrange and facilitate promotion for charters, the main content providers of the platform. As a chart reviewer, I'm also part of leading efforts to guarantee a high level of quality among chart providers. As a member of Custom Songs Central, I also contribute as a full-fledged charter to add to the pool of songs that can be played on Clone Hero.

Charting for Clone Hero

I do have some musical training (8 years of piano and music theory) that I decided to put to use through putting notes on songs for Guitar Hero-like games. I started around 2008, being strangely inspired by the Frets on Fire community, then moved on to become one of the major charters for the late JamLegend. I also took the role of chart reviewer for JamLegend at the time.

Cue in the inevitable fall of all communities involved and my own studies, which fast-forwards the story to 2017, when I was made aware of the existence of Clone Hero, which spawned a revival of the former Guitar Hero community. It was the perfect time for me to make a comeback in the charting scene!

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