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A few of my personal projects and those I'm contributing to in development.


Clone Hero-friendly Organized Repository of User-provided Songs

chorus is a search engine for Guitar Hero/Clone Hero custom charts. It scrapes drive folders from community contributors to gather and centralize access to their custom-made charts and provides an interface to easily retrieve them upon request. A chart is the technical term attached to a transcription of any real song to just a few notes, usually 5, that Guitar Hero-style games like to use. chorus gathered about 5,000 daily users in December 2018.

Official website for Clone Hero

Refactoring and redesign of the previous instance of the Clone Hero website that took place for the v0.21.7 release. Clone Hero is a Guitar Hero-like game made in Unity that aims to emulate the original Guitar Hero experience, along with common and popular features used and requested by the community. It hit more than 90,000 active players on December 2018.

Well... this website

It’s a bit meta, but what you’re browsing right now is designed from scratch!

Advent of Code 2017

25 problems solved throughout December 2017

Little snippets of code I used to solve all 25 riddles from the 2017 edition of Advent of Code. More information here.


A /r/visualnovels Dies Irae contest entry

This was a self-imposed “hackathon” to see how much of a proof-of-concept “game” I could implement in just a dozen hours. kerfuffle is a very basic, barebones Disgaea/Fire Emblem/Dofus-like game that somehow leverages React features for game status management. It is also one of the weebest things I’ve ever done.


Barebones, minimalistic date picker

ng-ucldr is a very basic date picker for AngularJS (1.x) I implemented for personal needs, and packaged for npm later on to test the npm system. Nothing really special, but just one way to have a date picker in about 200 lines of code.